Friday, October 16, 2009

Sweet Honesty

So today, it just so happened that I would be alone with my 5 year old for lunch after Daddy picked her up from school. She has been struggling lately, showing signs of "needy-ness". So I decided to surprise her with an impromptu date. She loves to eat out (like her mama) and it happens to be pay day!! The plan was for Daddy to pick her up from school and I would meet them at Isaacs for lunch, the 3 of us. When they arrived, I was already at our table. She saw me, smiled and said "I thought you were at school with Abigail for Math Maniacs?" (note: Friday is math drills day and moms get to volunteer!). I told her I was done at the school and "surprise, we are going to have a date together!" She then said, " I though this was going to be a date just with Daddy." "Would you like me to leave?" I asked. "yes" she smiled ever so sweetly. So I got my coat, passed the money off to Daddy and hit the road thinking, "What am I going to do now?"

While the "mature adult" in me wanted to be offended at my dismissal from lunch with my daugheter (that I planned, none-the-less), a smile crept over my face as I reflected on her honesty to share her heart and, in doing so, reveal her need. I have seen many an adult get offended by my children's honesty. In most cases, my kids hearts are in the right place, they just really have no concern for what people think of them. Ahhh. How refreshing! Now if I would only learn from them.....

So what did I do for lunch? I found myself in a local pizza shop, munching on a sub and watching TV with some construction workers on lunch break. That's a first in, say, FOREVER! :-)