Thursday, January 29, 2009

Measure of Success

Okay, so this morning as I was working with my daughter on her cyber-school, the phrase came to mind. : "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Before I carelessly blurted it out, I actually had the mind to stop and think about it (this does not always happen!). What exactly is my measure of success? My husband asks this often, especially in conversations about the body of Christ. Once again, this issue of identity is lurking, but this time it's in the shadows of "success".

If I'm trying to assemble a bookshelf, the measure of success is black and white because the goal is clear: put the shelf together so that it doesn't fall over and can be successful at what it was designed to do. However, in parenting, for example, the lines are much more gray. This is where I can easily tangle up my identity in my self-imposed measure of success. If successful parenting, to me, means children that are well behaved and I take them out in public only to witness terrible tantrems and disrespect, have I failed as a parent?

What's the measure of a successful Christian walk? Is it enough of a success to be loved, redeemed and secure? Or does the behavior of my children, how many people I lead to Jesus or how many church activities I can attend define my success? I know the answer in my head, but I think, at times, my heart has amnesia. How can I live in this revelation except to continue to prioritize time to hang out with Jesus? In His presence, I am changed. Period.