Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Classic Quotes

Word got out to the kiddos "Mommy's making dessert tonight!" Obviously this is a rarity. Seraphina, who might as well be named "sugar", runs into the kitchen:
Seraphina: "What awre you making for dessewrt?"
Me: Strawberry shortcake
S: "You awre making a giwrl for dessert?"
Wow. I really must not make dessert often if she doesn't even know that the poofy hatted brunette doll is not the originator of the name "Strawberry Shortcake."

While munching on cereal for breakfast a few mornings ago, Jonah came out with this question:
Jonah: "What does supper taste like?"
Me: "You mean 'supper', like 'dinner'?"
Jonah: "Yeah, what does it taste like?"
Me: "'Supper' is another way to say' dinner'."
Jonah: " what does it taste like?"

Yesterday I picked up our CSA veggie box at the host site in Mechanicsburg. They pile up the boxes in the garage of the host for us locals to pick up. Usually we just go in on our own time, check our name off the list in the notebook, pick up our designated box and leave. Well, yesterday there was a little boy, about 9-10 years old, in the garage eager to guide me through the process. Here is the conversation that ensued:
Me: "Are you the helper today?"
Boy: "I'm my mother's son!"
Me: "Oh! Well, yes, I guess you are!"
As I chuckled, a couple walked into the garage to pick up their box. He greeted them with the same statement: "I'm my mother's son!" We looked at each other and all 3 of us got a good chuckle out of his remark. Either he thought we knew who his mother was, or he was pretty proud of who his mother is or maybe both. Regardless, I thought it was a rather profound statement reflecting his perspective of his identity. Now if only I was content to be recognized solely as "my Daddy's daughter"....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random thoughts

**Well, after some deliberation and a 4 year break, I'm back on the worship team at church. Jesus was stirring my heart with a recent recording I helped with, a re-visit to some prophetic words I've received and many "random" thoughts. The reason I took such a long break was to maintain my sanity with my family by simplifying our schedule. My babies are more important! Recently, the phrase kept coming across my brain "this would be good for the kids". Interestingly enough, I knew Jesus wasn't telling me to start on the team again, here was the conversation (Jesus' side): "Hey, I know you are passionate about this. I put that in you. I love to see you enjoying the gifts I've given you and exalting Me with them. If you want to jump back in, this is a time when it would be good for the kids and not detrimental...." So, you mean to tell me that Jesus wants me to do things that bring me pleasure? AND He gives me a choice? ABSOLUTELY! That's what true covenant love is all about!

**Ever wonder why May is such a busy month!? I'm certain that they save as many school activities as possible for the last month of school. Field day, parties, summer blast off, awards ceremonies, graduation, etc. The weather gets nice and, of course, the garden has to get planted so we can have veggies ASAP. Oh, and the flowers, yes those need to get in the ground too. The grass comes out of hibernation and creates a jungle where the kiddos can get lost if they so choose. And while were at it, let's throw in a 5 day trip to Colorado taken by my husband for work. Why is it so darn hard to pull on the reins and slow down this Clydesdale!

** True confessions: Doing bedtime alone with 5 kids, after a looonnng day and sleep deprivation, is not too fun. So the other night, my patience was GONE and I pulled out the mommy bully - because it works! (at least in getting the desired actions). So, out the window Danny Silk, sorry but I'll find you again in the morning. Spanked one, yelled at a couple others, mumbled some half hearted "I love you"s and closed the doors. Augh. Don't like that. So grateful for new mercies in the morning and forgetful children.

**Things that make me smile: my 2 year old sitting here next to me, watching a worship video and singing his little heart out to Jesus! watering the flowers on a summer evening after the little ones are in bed; waking up and realizing I can wear my jammies all day because I don't have to go anywhere! listening to the mature processing of an 8 year old (going on 28:); looking at the recent face-lift of my bathroom; driving down the road with my family, all of us singing to the Lord at the top of our lungs; looking back over the past year and realizing the new place of maturity He has loved me into; making music; "growing" butterflies from a larvae state with my children; a morning cup of coffee - that is calling me even now.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Another excerpt from Mike Bickle's "The Seven Longings Of The Human Heart:"
While I am not against entertainment, I am gravely concerned about the primacy of place it takes in our society. As we increase our intake of earthly entertainment we dull our capacity to be fascinated by God. It's not that we don't want to see God, we just can't find Him among the barrage of information to which we're exposing ourselves. One does not have to be a spiritual giant to recognize the long-term implications of gorging on earthly entertainment while neglecting and dulling our ability to be fascinated with God Himself. It would be hard to find many in the Body of Christ who feel positive about the entertainment culture in which we live.
Pages 47-48 from the chapter "The Longing for Fascination"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It has begun...

On Thursday, Grace came home from school and pulled me away from my grocery sorting to talk to me. She explained a situation that had happened at school (side note: she and her sisters attend a Christian school): During lunch, somehow the conversation led to an opportunity for her to share with a friend that Jesus took her to heaven in a dream. This friend then began spreading the word among her classmates. As one could imagine, this created quite the stir among these 2nd graders. Most mocked her and said that she was lying. "You can't just go to heaven and then come back again!" A few chose to stand by her and take her at her word. While relaying to me this story, she expressed how she was hurt by all the ridicule. Wow....honestly, I wasn't prepared for this conversation. We talked about unbelief and various levels of relationship with Jesus. But that He loves us all just the same. I validated her feelings and she assured me that she had already forgiven her friends. Then I encouraged her to take some time and let Jesus love on her and heal her heart. I still need to revisit this conversation with some new thoughts to share with her...

Weeks before this, Elizabeth told me of another situation at school. She told her teacher at school, "Jesus told my mommy that I am going to raise the dead when I grow up." Elizabeth's perspective was that this teacher was skeptical. I know this teacher pretty well, however, and tend to think my daughter was mis-reading her. Anyway, a little while after this, Elizabeth told me in the car on the way home from school that in Bible they learned about the story of Peter raising the little girl from the dead. Apparently her teacher looked at Elizabeth and smiled as she was teaching this. She said that her teacher told the class that only certain people can raise the dead. At this point, Grace, who was also in the car with us, very gently and matter-of-fact said "That's not true. Anyone can raise the dead. They just need Jesus' power." That's my girl!!! I'm not sure if some of the details of this situation at school might be a bit "off". Elizabeth's teacher is a gem and I've learned that, at this point in her young life, Elizabeth often perceives situations through a lens of insecurity and rejection. Still working on that...

Anyway, I've realized that my children are already being faced with opportunities to discern and defeat spirits of religion and legalism. It really doesn't matter what type of school they attend, there will always be opportunities to pull down strongholds in the heavenly realm! Jesus, HELP! Give us wisdom as we raise these warriors!