Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What do I do all day?

Ever ask yourself that question? It comes up in my mind when I look around and, at times, see what a disaster my house has become. Last night I was reminded, well, my kids are fed and healthy, they are clean (relatively), I know some of my husbands thoughts from the day, homework is done and clothes are laid out for the morning.....OK. So maybe my time wasn't wasted after all. Just more proof that a measure of success is NOT solely in the orderliness or cleanliness of one's home.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


In my years of experience (all 32 of them! HA!), it seems there are at least 2 things of which man has yet to control: child-birth and the weather. There is nothing like the natural, spontaneous onset of labor to throw the days plans up in the air.

Likewise, a good snowstorm (or 2 of them) is sure to mess up everyone's agenda. Sometimes it feels as though I have "penciled" away every hour in my day to this meeting or that birthday party or her award ceremony or his doctor's appointment.....I just thoroughly enjoy it when things have to be canceled due to inclement weather. And I can't control it even if I wanted to! Occasionally there is an event that I am truly grieved to miss. But the majority of the time, the spontaneous erasing of the days plans is a welcome event in itself!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Puff Ball Progress

Well, Grace's non-profit business is in full swing now. With approximately 25 puff balls produced, over $30 earned, and still more orders to fill, we are cranking out puff balls as quickly as her little fingers can go. I am amazed at all the support from my friends AND her teachers and classmates! The kids in her class are excited for her and continue to give her orders for more puff balls. In addition, my hair stylist has asked that she make a basket full to put in her shop to be sold. WOW! I never expected this outcome....and it's not over yet!

Here is some ordering information for those of you who have expressed interest in purchasing a puff ball from Grace:

Puff Balls for SALE!
1 color: 25 cents
2 colors: 50 cents
3 colors: 75 cents
*add a clip for 25 cents!*

Available colors:
dark blue
light blue
"pretty pastels"
light purple
dark purple

Some uses for these include: zipper pulls for backpacks, purses, and diaper bags; ornaments for winter hats and gloves; cat toys, etc.
To place an order, you can contact me via e-mail, phone or by posting a comment. I will try to get photos on as soon as my husband can help me ;-)Remember that ALL proceeds go to support the Haiti relief effort. Happy shopping!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"New" Strategy

Well, due to the faithfulness of God to be found by those who seek hard after Him, we have a practical strategy in addressing our challenges with the girls:
Love the crap out of them! Yes, profound, isn't it? *note the sarcasm*

There are a few more specifics: The Lord reminded me that they each operate within their own love language. Our mission, (which we HAVE chosen to accept) is to further discern and clarify each of our girls' love languages, and then love the yucks out of them in the way that they best receive love.

It's the Father's kindness that leads us to repentance. It's His love that covers a multitude of sins. It is Him (love personified) that brings change to our hearts.

In just a couple of days, we have already seen a softening in the girls' hearts. Ahh....Thank you Jesus for the power of your love!